Anyone for penis pudding?

Funny Sex Restaurant

Ladies and gents, may we introduce you to what can only be described as the world’s first ‘sextaurant’. Marvellously, this fully-fledged sex-themed eatery has catapulted itself from the ludicrous imagination of a tittering tike, landed in Kaohsiung city in Taiwan and goes by the name Funny Sex.

Diners lap it up, tee-heeing over penis-shaped rice mountains, soups in boobie bowls and puddings sculpted into life-like willies. Also spied around the restaurant are statues in various sex positions, a two-metre long wooden penis shrine (doesn’t everyone have one of those?) and a menu that illustrates the average sizes of penises and breasts in countries around the globe.

Dining solo? Never mind, Funny Sex will provide the perfect dinner guest. An array of blow-up sex dolls are on hand to invite to your table whilst you feast on your, er, meat and two veg.


Even a trip to the loo offers pervy pleasures. Patrons love squirting handwash out of the giant boob-shaped soap dispensers so much “that they get too dirty after about a month” and need to be replaced, says restaurant manager Chen Yu-qi.

The mind boggles.

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