Baked Woman of Doubice

Baked-Woman-of-DoubiceMake wide your glassy eyes of habit, for here come the witchy ghosts of rituals past. Dark, dreamy and sexually-charged, witness the true art of ceremony as artist Tereza Buskova unleashes the lost soul, the true magic of ancient tradition.


Feast your eyes on the Baked Woman of Doubice and immerse yourself in a mysterious annual baking ritual invented by Prague-born Buskova. Blurring the boundary between life and art, Buskova revisits the Czech village of Doubice where she holidayed as a teen. Here she unites her alter-ego, her mother and a handful of villagers in a fantasy wheat ceremony, a surreal celebration of sisterhood, fertility and motherhood.

Such are the filmic fruits of Buskova’s fascination for inherited cultural practices. A career-long obsession has propelled her to explore, capture and renew folky traditions, steering her to re-invent them as visually poetic art films for the modern world. Hankering for the symbolism lost through generations of habitual performance, Buskova digests them, adapts them, unveils new relevance and hidden meanings.  Like magic she casts her spell, breathing new life into our strange and mystical heritage…∎

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