Life’s a peach. Or a pineapple…

Fruit-Hotel_Banphasawan_2 Who says hotels have to look like hotels? Wouldn’t life be sweeter if you could stay in a giant pink peach? Or humongous pineapple? Imagine a whole village of fruity bungalows, ripe for a holiday-maker’s picking.

Fruit-Hotel_Banphasawan_5Imagine no more, dear Woo Woo lovers. This is not a day dream, this is Banphasawan. Tucked off the beaten track near the village of Thong Pha Phum in Thailand, this 80 acre resort is like a psychedelic vacay for Smurfs.

Surrounded by endless fruit orchards growing the real thing, who in their right mind wouldn’t swap the humdrum for a fortnight of fun in a land of giant fruits? If Smurfette knew about this place, she’d be all over it.∎


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