Caped Crusaders of Seattle


Holy Moly! Superheroes in Seattle? For real? Oh yeah baby! Like a bat(man) out of hell, Phoenix Jones and his $10,000 bulletproof, fire-retardant, Kevlar reinforced supersuit, have been shot at, stabbed, you name it. All in honour of protecting the good people of Seattle against scumbags and villains.

Purple-Reign_Phoenix-JonesAnd now, not one, not two, but a whole team of real life superheroes are patrolling the streets, fighting baddies. Including his wife and partner in anti-crime Purple Reign. Headed up by Jones, the Rain City Superhero Movement has prevented fights, robberies, sexual assaults, drug deals, vandalism and even a terrorist attack.

So what’s the deal? What makes a regular civvie risk life and limb on the dark, mean streets of Seattle in a pimped-up batman suit? It all started when Phoenix Jones’ small son was injured in a carjacking. Did any bystanders help? Pah! Rather than intervening, passers-by freakishly did nothing but gawp and shoot videos on their smartphones.

Holy Skull Tap! A switch flicked in Jones’ head. How can anyone be content to just watch a crime happen? Had the world gone bat sh*t crazy?

So now Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign and their brigade of costumed activists – a mixed bag of MMA fighters, police, medical professionals, ex/active military and media peeps – take to the city’s troubled hotspots and do what needs to be done. With a little help from their lawyer who keeps interventions legal. “What Purple Reign and I are trying to do is promote community activism. Anyone can campaign for a cause, with or without a superhero suit.”

So next time you witness an injustice, ask yourself ‘what would Batman do?’.∎

Phoenix in action:


Like this? Then you’re going to LOVE this… At the opposite end of the superhero spectrum we have….Wheel Clamp Man! In his quite frankly ridiculous get-up, this lycra-clad, stripey-socked, stick-on moustached vigilante has taken Perth by storm, releasing wheel clamped Aussies from their automotive shackles. Utterly bonkers. A total hero. Wish he lived in London.∎


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