All Hail The Rebel Queen

Vivienne Westwood is a force to be reckoned with. A force of epic proportions. F*ck apathy, time’s a ticking, and this fierce 70-something fashionista is tearing things up in singular style, facing off the planet’s evil governments, devil banks and climate catastrophe, before it’s too late.

Swathed in tribal couture and cloddhopper boots, this cool Dame – Britain’s anarchistic national treasure – is flexing her glamazonian muscle, challenging the powerful few, the ones sucking the world dry like rabid vampires, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. She will be heard. They must listen.

Vivienne Westwood_Climate Revolution Campaign_Woo Woo Express

As the dark forces gather round and threat of world obliteration draws ever nearer, can the future of planet Earth be saved by England’s one true rebel queen? Only if we, the people, join her. Now is the time, throw off your shackles and rise up, we are the army of the free people. Queen Viv, we are with you! ∎

Join the REVOLUTION here.

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